Office 365 Migration

Applies to: All Students and Employees

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Summer Migration Schedule

All Staff May 9 May 27 Complete
Faculty Group 1 June 20 July 1 Complete
Faculty Group 2 July 11 July 22 Complete
Faculty Group 3 August 8 August 12 Complete
Student Group 1 May 30 June 24 Complete
Student Group 2 August 1 August 5 Complete
Student Group 3 August 15 August 19 Complete

Migration Groups

Faculty Group 1 – all faculty not teaching in any summer sessions and faculty teaching sessions Summer 3 or 2nd 7-week

Faculty Group 2 – all remaining faculty including faculty that taught Summer 2 or 1st 7-week

Faculty Group 3 – catch-up all remaining faculty

Student Group 1 – all students except those in sessions Summer 2 and 1st 7-week

Student Group 2 – all remaining students except those in sessions Summer 3 and 2nd 7-week

Student Group 3 – catch-up group all remaining students

Questions and Answers

Q. When will my migration begin?
Q. How will i know when my account has been migrated?
Q. What will happen to my data When my account is migrated?
Q. How do I change my PennWest Password?
Q. Can I access my email, calendar, and OneDrive data without reconfiguring my workstation?
Q. What if I have multiple accounts?
Q. Will my Teams and SharePoint resources be migrated?
Q. Will shared email accounts be migrated?
Q. How do I request a new Pennwest special account?
Q. How do i request a new pennwest microsoft team?
Q. how do i migrate microsoft forms to Pennwest?
Q. Who do i contact for help?
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