PennWest D2L Brightspace Course Transition/Preparation

NOTE: Starting May 9th, ALL courses are hosted via the new PennWest D2L Brightspace; access to Cal U, Clarion and Edinboro D2L Brightspace sites ended May 23rd.

The migration and consolidation of systems from three independent schools has resulted in some D2L courses having ‘broken links’ to resources that have been relocated, are temporarily unavailable, or have been discontinued. LTS is providing faculty with the following guidance.

Please review ALL provided materials to determine what steps you need to complete and their associated deadlines.


If you need assistance from LTS with any of these issues, please sign in to and utilize the IT Support Services Help Desk System

Please use “Submit a Ticket” to report any problems that you are experiencing

Please use “Service Request” for related requests, forms are provided for the following common requests:

  • New course shell requests
  • Course shell combine requests
  • Course Enrollment request
  • Assistance with incomplete grades or grade appeals

Please utilize the local numbers or email below to create related support tickets. LTS staff from each campus are monitoring all related tickets.

  • California Campus - 724-938-5911
  • Clarion Campus - 814-393-2640 
  • Edinboro Campus - 814-732-2111

All Instructors

Broken Topic in a Content module

  • If you see the words “broken topic”, please review a previous offering of the course, download the file, and upload it to your new shell.


  • If an image is missing, please visit a previous offerings of the course to locate the image.
  • Download the image to your computer.
  • Edit the topic in Penn West D2L and use the picture icon to upload/embed your image.


  • Instructors with links to Library resources in their D2L summer 2022 courses should notify the library team by emailing course name, course number, and library resource links to, library personnel will respond with assistance.

Links and FAQ Tool

  • The Links or FAQ tools within D2L have been discontinued.

Microsoft Office365 – OneDrive & OneNote

  • The integration of Office365 within D2L Brightspace will NOT be available to instructors or students during the Summer 2022 Semester. Any existing links to will not function correctly and should be removed from courses.
  • Affected Applications include:

    OneDrive - It is recommended that you download existing files from OneDrive to your computer and upload the files directly into your PennWest D2L shell.

    OneNote Classroom Notebook – see LTS Journal/Blogs/Wikis recommendations.

Missing Courses

  • If you cannot locate an instructional course from Fall 2018 to Fall 2021 where you are the instructor of record, ·      , please sign into and utilize the IT Support Services Help Desk System.
  • NOTE: Winter 2021 and Spring 2022 courses will be migrated the week of May 9 and should not be reported as missing.
  • Non-instructional Shells are NOT being migrated - Community, development, department, organization, etc. See the Faculty D2L Guidance Page for how to request a new shell and how to export/import your previous shell from your local campus D2L to PennWest D2L.

Publisher Integrations (Cengage, MyLab, Pearson, Etc.)

  • Publisher integrations must be requested/approved before they are deployed to a PennWest course shell, connections must be reestablished in your Content area or via a Widget to function.
  • If your publisher accounts are associated with your legacy campus email address, you will need to advise them of your PennWest email address. Only PennWest emails are utilized in the new PennWest D2LBrightspace.

Quizzes using Proctorio

  • Any legacy course quizzes that previously used Proctorio will still have “(Remotely Proctored)” in the quiz title after migration. Please edit your quiz title(s) to remove the term. Even though the wording is there, Proctorio is NOT enabled on your quiz/exam.
  • Proctorio will only be enabled in courses/programs approved via PennWest policy #088: Proctoring for Online Courses/Programs.

Video Note

  • If you recorded a video note in any of your course shells, these do not migrate.
  • If you would like to continue using the video: On your local campus D2L, locate your video note, click the sprocket icon under the video, and choose Download.
  • The downloaded mp4 file can be manually uploaded into your PennWest shell.  

Cal U Instructors


  • If you created Content using a CSS/HTML template and it is not loading in your PennWest shell, your HTML code may need to be edited for the template to appear properly.

Clarion Instructors

 Campus Pack

Mediasite and Zoom Use within D2L

Mediasite Videos

  • Mediasite content will be migrated to a new PennWest Mediasite server the weekend of May 7. Please ignore any errors in your course shells until after the migration.
  • Specific communication regarding Mediasite will be coming soon.

Zoom Recordings

  • Your legacy Zoom account including your scheduled meetings and Zoom Cloud recordings will be migrated to the new PennWest Zoom on May 7.
  • All Zoom Cloud recordings in PennWest Zoom are only retained for 180 days from the date of recording, before they are automatically purged.
  • Cal U Faculty - If you wish to retain a copy of any Zoom Cloud recording that predates November 8, 2021 (Older than 180 day from May 7th), you will need to download/archive.

Reminder: access to your local campus D2L ended on May 23, 2022. All courses starting with Summer 2022 (including May 9 starts) are delivered on the PennWest D2L Brightspace.

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