Instructions for using PennWest Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

STEP 1  

Open a Web Browser and navigate to


Choose to install the VMware Horizon Client or use the VMware Horizon HTML Access

  • The VMware Horizon Client offers better performance and more features.
  • The VMware Horizon HTML Access lets you connect to a desktop using your web browser
  • Do not click the “Launch Native Client” link unless you have previously installed the client. Choose “VMware Horizon HTML Access” or “Click Here to Download VMware Horizon Client”
  • If you choose to install VMware Horizon Client, you will be directed to the page below. Select and install the client software appropriate for your computer. You will need administrator rights to install the software and you will be prompted to reboot a computer running Windows.


VMware Horizon Client

  • Launch the VMware Horizon Client
  • Click “Add Server”
  • Enter
  • Click Connect
  • A web browser will open and require login via Microsoft using your PennWest account. Once completed, you will see the following window:
  • Double click an available virtual desktop.


VMware HTML Access

  • You will automatically be redirected to login via Microsoft using your PennWest account.
  • Once complete, you will see the following window
  • Click an available virtual desktop.


Any documents or files you would like to save, must be stored in your OneDrive. Before closing the desktop, make sure your files are synchronized.


Sign out of the virtual desktop when finished

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