Check Balance and Add Money

All PennWest students will receive $7.50 credit on their Printing Allowance at the start of both the Fall and Spring semesters.

Cost Per Page

Student Printing/Copying   Single-sided 
Black & White (8.5x11)  $0.06 per sheet 
Color  $0.23 per sheet 

If your balance falls below $7.50, your account will automatically pull additional funds from your “Shop Dollars” account.

To check your Printing Allowance balance, or add more money to your “Shop Dollars” account:

1. Log into

2. Locate the “Transact eAccounts” card  

3. Select “View Accounts”

4. In the left-hand column you will see a listing for your “Printing Allowance” account and your current balance.

5. Select “+Add Money” in the “Shop Dollars” account to add more money for printing and other purposes.

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