How to Scan

1. Visit any student printing kiosk on any PennWest campus.

2. Swipe your PennWest ID Card or, if you do not have your card, select the PIN option and enter your PID.

  1. To log in with your PID you will enter only the number portion, not the letter P.

3. From the “Home” screen select “Secure Print” to be taken to your Secure Queue

4. Insert your document(s) into the sheet feeder

5. Select “Scan” from the Home screen

6. Select “Scan to Myself” from the Scan screen. Note: You will only be able to scan to your PennWest email address

7. Make your custom selections

8. Select “Scan”

9. You will now see a preview of your scan. Make any additional changes needed. Then select “Next”.

10. Name your file or leave as the default.

11. Select “OK”.

12. Check your PennWest email account for a new message

13. Log out of your account when finished. Note: Your account will automatically log out after 2 minutes of inactivity.

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